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"We are What We Eat!" with Emtenan

Hi, my name is Emtenan, I am a Nutrition and Dietetics student at the University of Idaho. I am studying to become a Registered Dietitian Nutritionist . I am excited to partner with the Post Falls School District as I learn more about helping people make healthy decisions about food and lifestyle.

Join me as we explore some very delicious and healthy foods. It will be a fun adventure trying new foods, learning how they give you energy and good health; as well as how to prepare them into tasty recipes!


First, let's learn about the amazing Peach!

Fun Facts About Peaches!

Recipe - Peach Oatmeal

Activity - Eating a Rainbow!


Join me on my next adventure as we explore Pears!

Fun Facts About Pears

Recipe - Cream Cheese Pears


Next, let's explore Beets!

Fun Facts About Beets

Beet Lemonade Recipe


Let's check out the wonderful world of Beans!

Fun Facts About Beans

Bean Snack Mix Recipe



U of I Intern, Emtenan