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District Menus

School Meal Programs are returning to normal operation for the 2022-2023 school year due to the expiration of USDA free meal waivers. Meal prices will be charged as noted below:

  Breakfast Lunch
Elementary $1.85 $3.05
Middle School $2.10 $3.35
High School $2.10 $3.50
Adult or 2nd Meal $2.35 $4.35









Feel you may qualify for free/reduced price meals? Fill out an application today!

Looking for a printable monthly calendar, click on the options below:

September School Menus October School Menus
September Elementary Menu October Elementary Menu
September Middle School Menu October Middle School Menu
September High School Menu October High School Menu
September New Vision High School Menu October New Vision High School Menu









New Online Menus

Step 1: Click on the New Online Menus button.

menu button


Step 2: Choose your school from the drop-down field.

choose school


Step 3: Choose either Breakfast or Lunch.

choose meal


Step 4: You can also choose to see Dietary Restrictions on the menu.

diet restrictions


Step 4: Looking for a Nutritional Report of the menu? Click the Print icon.



Step 4: Choose the nutrients you want included and print.

print report